Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Southern Heat Exchanger Corp. of Tuscaloosa, AL has a new website. They specialize in shell and tube heat exchangers. They had a website was created around a decade ago and they needed an updated look and feel to the site. Since they ran state-of-the-art equipment in their heat exchanger manufacturing facility, they felt that they should also have a new state-of-the-art website as well.

Old Site

Old Southern Heat Exchanger Site

New Site

Old Southern Heat Exchanger Site

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Safe Links Internet Filter

Safe Links Internet Filter
Safe Links Internet Filter
I recently started working on an Internet Filter website. Safe Links is a really nice piece of software. The way that it works is that they provided a customizable internet filtering package for various users. The christian internet filter is one of the most popular at this time. It helps to present only websites that abide by christian values as far as what content is on the site. A very popular feature is the internet porn filter that they provide. It seems that many of their customers use the software because it helps make sure that neither adults nor kids can access bad content.
I really like what this product is trying to do for you. The features are installed with just a few clicks. No more having to work all day on getting the software installed.

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Tuscaloosa Lawyers

Tuscaloosa Lawyers ScreenshotThe newest addition to the repertoire of local Tuscaloosa, Alabama area sites is about Tuscaloosa attorneys. The site features a variety of features including a categorized listing of local attorneys and law firms. The news is provided by an rss feed from Google News that searches for ‘tuscaloosa .

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Tuscaloosa Jobs

Tuscaloosa’s newest site for jobs in Tuscaloosa is at Tuscaloosa Jobs. The site features something new to locals which is free job posting in Tuscaloosa. All employers are given 5 free standard posts and 5 free premium posts. Job posts thereafter are only $5 each (or less). The site is intended to help local businesses find local talent without having to go to a monster or career builder site and pay upwards of $300 at least for each job post. I am hoping that it will prosper and soon start getting high rankings and lots of traffic much like the other sites with whom I have been blessed to be affiliated.

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Schools in Tuscaloosa

I’ve just started a new site at Schools in Tuscaloosa ( the whole idea of it is to give the people of Tuscaloosa a place to go and post about the schools in our community. Hopefully this will be a blessing to all of the schools and especially the children therein. My daughter is set to enter the main school system next year so I thought that this would be a good idea so that I could keep up with what was going on in our school system. My mother is a teacher and has been for 35 years but she doesn’t teach here.

I just hope that this will be a great tool for Tuscaloosa Schools.

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Tuscaloosa Limousines

Crown Limousine of Tuscaloosa has a new and improved website to promote their limousines. Go to Tuscaloosa Limousines to have a look. Ed Chism asked me to have a look at his web site to see if I could do some updates for him. It seemed that someone before me had done some work on his site and had not updated everything…or even finished what he was supposed to have done. So I took a look at the site and Have come up with a great number of very subtle changes. All of the pages of his site now have meta tags for description, keywords, and abstract. Also, the title tags only had the name of the domain. Useless if you are trying to get people to come to your site. Since the update that I have been working on. Mr. Chism’s site now comes up on the first page of the 3 major search engines. That is great news since he was unable to be found before. Also, I started work on only 1 page, and that was his fleet page at Tuscaloosa Limousines Fleet and that is the page that now comes up on the first page of the SERPS.

I am very grateful for the work that Ed has provided for me. He’s a great guy to work for since he provides feedback on a very timely basis and is willing to listen when I tell him what I believe he needs to do. Besides that, he’s an all around good guy. If you need a limousine in Tuscaloosa, you should give him a call at (205) 758-3875. He’ll do you right.

He has already told me that his limo site has helped him to close a couple of deals which does my heart good. I had a substitute teacher in 2nd grade tell me that you can never get paid more than what you bring in. Well that stands to reason but sticks in my mind even today. That’s why i’m glad to hear when a client makes money from something that I do for them, otherwise I’d just be taking their hard earned cash and not really giving them anything.

I still have a few things left to do on his site but I should be finishing up this coming week.

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Christ Episcopal Church Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Recently, the website for Christ Episcopal Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama took on a new look. You can view it at Christ Episcopal Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We now offer Sunday services on the site. There is also a little music on the site also. Feel free to take a look at one of Tuscaloosa’s Greatest Churches.

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Tuscaloosa Restaurants is the newest creation from It features restaurant reviews, dining locator maps, favorite place to eat voting and more. At current there are 127 restaurants listed on the site. One day while doing some keyword research on keywords relating to Tuscaloosa, I found that there were a lot of people looking online for local restaurant information(thousands per month). Shortly thereafter I saw that there was no local website dedicated to Tuscaloosa restaurants. So I reserved the domain for I must give the credit to my wife for what exactly to do with the domain now that we had it. She’s the real brains around here anyway. :) Since then there have been many trips around Tuscaloosa and Northport looking for new diners during lunch hours. There have also been many many late nights spent coding up a new website from scratch. It has been really fun! And that new Google Maps API is GREAT! Feel free to check out the site at to vote for your favorite restaurant and let others know of your experiences by writing a review.

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Tuscaloosa New/Used Cars

I noticed something wierd the other day. When searching for new or used car or auto dealers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama - make sure you already know the url of the site you want to visit. I say this because there are no local car dealers when searching with generic terms relating to Tuscaloosa coming up in the SERPS. This is mainly true only for the big two (Yahoo and Google). Something else wierd happens on MSN when you search for the term ‘Tuscaloosa car dealer’. My site ( Tuscaloosa Car Dealer Websites ) comes up in 3rd spot on the first page. And to think that I had somebody at a local dealership tell me that ‘All of those positions are locked up by multi-million dollar corporations.’ That would seem to make me a better search engine optimizer than salesman. I’ll have to drop by that place again and show them that all is possible at After only a couple of months too.

There seems to be really good potential for one of these local dealers to make some extra money here. It’s not difficult to imagine that if there are an extra few thousand hits on your website by people in the local area who really are looking to put some money out there for a car, that should translate into some extra foot traffic on the lot. And everybody in the car industry knows that if you have extra foot traffic on the lot, you should be able to sell some extra cars.

These are just some humble observations that I have made regarding local car dealer websites. If any of these local car dealers would like some help getting their online campaign into a serious high gear, please feel free to contact me at any time.

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Personal Note

I would just like to say that I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to do the kind of work that I do and live the life that I live. There was a time when many hopes and aspirations had gone the way of the dodo. However, through some hard work, focused dilegence, loving support, and most importantly the grace of God; life is good again.

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