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I noticed something wierd the other day. When searching for new or used car or auto dealers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama - make sure you already know the url of the site you want to visit. I say this because there are no local car dealers when searching with generic terms relating to Tuscaloosa coming up in the SERPS. This is mainly true only for the big two (Yahoo and Google). Something else wierd happens on MSN when you search for the term ‘Tuscaloosa car dealer’. My site ( Tuscaloosa Car Dealer Websites ) comes up in 3rd spot on the first page. And to think that I had somebody at a local dealership tell me that ‘All of those positions are locked up by multi-million dollar corporations.’ That would seem to make me a better search engine optimizer than salesman. I’ll have to drop by that place again and show them that all is possible at SullivanSiteSolutions.com. After only a couple of months too.

There seems to be really good potential for one of these local dealers to make some extra money here. It’s not difficult to imagine that if there are an extra few thousand hits on your website by people in the local area who really are looking to put some money out there for a car, that should translate into some extra foot traffic on the lot. And everybody in the car industry knows that if you have extra foot traffic on the lot, you should be able to sell some extra cars.

These are just some humble observations that I have made regarding local car dealer websites. If any of these local car dealers would like some help getting their online campaign into a serious high gear, please feel free to contact me at any time.

26 July 2005 | Tuscaloosa Car Dealers | Comments

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  1. 1 Howard 21 January 2006 @ 3:36 pm

    I noticed a 1972 black lincoln Mark iv for sale in Tuscaloosa,Alabma,it could be a great car,and it was located on http://www.collectorcartraderonline.com
    The problem is the picture of the vehicle looks very average,but what can be seen of it looks great.
    The guy selling the Lincoln told me over the phone,that he could’nt be bothered,taking another picture,and one was enough.
    If anyone in Tuscaloossa could check this vehicle out for me as i am way out of town i would be greatly appreciated,and would offer a payment,for youre time.
    Please contact me at anytime.






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