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Crown Limousine of Tuscaloosa has a new and improved website to promote their limousines. Go to Tuscaloosa Limousines to have a look. Ed Chism asked me to have a look at his web site to see if I could do some updates for him. It seemed that someone before me had done some work on his site and had not updated everything…or even finished what he was supposed to have done. So I took a look at the site and Have come up with a great number of very subtle changes. All of the pages of his site now have meta tags for description, keywords, and abstract. Also, the title tags only had the name of the domain. Useless if you are trying to get people to come to your site. Since the update that I have been working on. Mr. Chism’s site now comes up on the first page of the 3 major search engines. That is great news since he was unable to be found before. Also, I started work on only 1 page, and that was his fleet page at Tuscaloosa Limousines Fleet and that is the page that now comes up on the first page of the SERPS.

I am very grateful for the work that Ed has provided for me. He’s a great guy to work for since he provides feedback on a very timely basis and is willing to listen when I tell him what I believe he needs to do. Besides that, he’s an all around good guy. If you need a limousine in Tuscaloosa, you should give him a call at (205) 758-3875. He’ll do you right.

He has already told me that his limo site has helped him to close a couple of deals which does my heart good. I had a substitute teacher in 2nd grade tell me that you can never get paid more than what you bring in. Well that stands to reason but sticks in my mind even today. That’s why i’m glad to hear when a client makes money from something that I do for them, otherwise I’d just be taking their hard earned cash and not really giving them anything.

I still have a few things left to do on his site but I should be finishing up this coming week.

20 February 2006 | Tuscaloosa SEO, Tuscaloosa Websites | Comments

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