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Get the jump on the competition in Tuscaloosa. Your website or product's profitability and success is directly dependent on how much traffic it gets. Plain and simple; if no body knows that your site exists, you are missing out on potential customers. We can help get you that traffic that your competition is taking from you.
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Tuscaloosa Search Engine Optimization Goals

You may be asking yourself: What is this "Search Engine Optimization" and why is it important to me in Tuscaloosa? Well, let me tell you that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what you see each and every day you Google something. The chances are that when you go about your daily routine, that you go to at least 2 different search engines. Google is the one most people use first. After that it goes: Yahoo then MSN then usually AOL then maybe ASK then who really cares after that. Those 5 provide almost 90% of all search results. The sites that you see listed in the first two pages are the ones who put the most into optimizing their sites. Below we have listed the top 7 steps that we take to help get your site ranked on that all important first page of the 5 aforementioned search engines.

1) Know Your Competition

Know Your Competition
Why is your competition ranked higher than you? There is a definite reason. The search engines don't just assign a rank because of some roll of the dice. Even though it may seem like it sometimes. The search engines have very precise algorithms that decide who is going to rank where under which search terms. Maybe your competition has already hired someone to do some search engine optimization and they are now reaping those rewards for their investment. Whatever the case, you may be at an advantage by being in a city the size of Tuscaloosa. The investment required to get you that high ranking for your search terms may not be too great because many Tuscaloosa websites are in dire need of some SEO help. Remember, when other sites rank ahead of you for your terms, they are potentially taking your customers.

2) Tuscaloosa Keyword Research

Tuscaloosa Keyword Research
Do you know what keywords or keyword phrases your customers search for when they look for you? Your competition does! See what they are using. You can do this by right-clicking on their home page, selecting "View Source" and then checking their keyword meta tag. If they don't have the keyword meta tag jump up and down excitedly. But chances are they do use it, that's why they rank above you. Next, use the Overture Keyword Selector Tool . It is a great resource for seeing what terms people actually use when looking for you. We have many other means by which to find your high frequency and niche keyword (phrases). Here is a list of suggested terms from Overture for a recent month relating to Tuscaloosa. Do any of these relate to your business? Click here for past month's results
Searches done in
Count Search Term
 171961 tuscaloosa news
 134533 tuscaloosa
 57647 news tuscaloosa
 42466 tuscaloosa alabama
 33029 tuscaloosa al
 32668 tuscaloosa toyota
 31086 tuscaloosa al real estate
 30820 tuscaloosa real estate
 26260 tuscaloosa county jail
 25217 tuscaloosa chevrolet
 21018 tuscaloosa ford
 20980 university of alabama tuscaloosa
 20858 tuscaloosa newspaper
 19559 tuscaloosa restaurant
 19294 tuscaloosa city schools
 18552 tuscaloosa alabama real estate
 17873 tuscaloosa county schools
 15719 tuscaloosa honda
 15176 tuscaloosa county
 12538 tuscaloosa jobs
 12328 city of tuscaloosa
 11411 mitsubishi tuscaloosa
 11209 tuscaloosa nissan
 11184 alabama tuscaloosa
 10731 used car tuscaloosa
 10039 tuscaloosa county sheriff
 10014 tuscaloosa apartment
 9845 tuscaloosa
 9550 tuscaloosa al hotel
 9260 bank tuscaloosa
 9212 tuscaloosa county sheriff office
 8408 estate real tuscaloosa
 8397 al tuscaloosa
 8239 tuscaloosa hotel
 7646 tuscaloosa county sheriff department
 7241 tuscaloosa public library
 7228 newspaper tuscaloosa
 7129 bmw tuscaloosa
 6984 toyota tuscaloosa
 6756 tuscaloosa county high school
 6573 tuscaloosa county courthouse
 6454 al estate real tuscaloosa
 6023 ford tuscaloosa
 6015 tuscaloosa weather
 5966 chevrolet tuscaloosa
 5915 tuscaloosa jeep
 5599 tuscaloosa church
 5512 tuscaloosa site
 5413 county jail tuscaloosa
 5356 tuscaloosa gmc
 5322 tuscaloosa dodge
 5260 mercedes benz tuscaloosa
 5130 alabama tuscaloosa university
 5078 tuscaloosa county jail inmate search
 4903 apartment rental tuscaloosa alabama
 4872 tuscaloosa county board of education
 4748 tuscaloosa theater
 4723 tuscaloosa al apartment rental
 4708 tuscaloosa cadillac
 4634 tuscaloosa county school system
 4478 pontiac tuscaloosa
 4409 university of alabama in tuscaloosa
 4394 lexus tuscaloosa
 4298 acura tuscaloosa
 4120 tuscaloosa sheriff
 4033 tuscaloosa teacher credit union
 3961 volkswagen tuscaloosa
 3960 tuscaloosa mazda
 3919 tuscaloosa alabama hotel
 3906 tuscaloosa movie theater
 3805 tuscaloosa police department
 3799 tuscaloosa library
 3789 tuscaloosa county jail inmate
 3716 tuscaloosa hospital
 3671 physician tuscaloosa
 3671 city school tuscaloosa
 3551 tuscaloosa sheriff department
 3388 county school tuscaloosa
 3135 honda tuscaloosa
 3107 nissan tuscaloosa
 3034 county tuscaloosa
 2853 tuscaloosa chamber of commerce
 2837 tuscaloosa high school
 2809 tuscaloosa
 2800 car tuscaloosa used
 2769 city tuscaloosa
 2765 hotel tuscaloosa
 2754 al apartment rental tuscaloosa
 2742 tuscaloosa doctor
 2741 restaurant tuscaloosa
 2737 bar tuscaloosa
 2729 tuscaloosa alabama newspaper
 2533 tuscaloosa academy
 2521 tuscaloosa county alabama
 2498 job tuscaloosa
 2497 tuscaloosa night club
 2493 tuscaloosa beauty salon
 2473 al hotel tuscaloosa
 2343 tuscaloosa most wanted
 2332 apartment in tuscaloosa
 2292 tuscaloosa college
 2241 tuscaloosa map
 2236 tuscaloosa realtor
 2212 tuscaloosa schools
 2175 county sheriff tuscaloosa
 2170 jobs in tuscaloosa
 2159 attorney tuscaloosa
 2143 apartment tuscaloosa
 2113 chrysler of tuscaloosa
 2089 car rental tuscaloosa
 2036 lake tuscaloosa
 1952 tuscaloosa rental
 1928 lemon tuscaloosa
 1920 tuscaloosa infiniti
 1821 county high school tuscaloosa
 1818 alabama gameday in tuscaloosa
 1815 county office sheriff tuscaloosa
 1798 land rover tuscaloosa
 1751 tuscaloosa alabama florist
 1727 tuscaloosa airport
 1695 cobb theater tuscaloosa
 1667 pharmacy tuscaloosa
 1660 real estate in tuscaloosa alabama
 1642 library public tuscaloosa
 1612 porsche tuscaloosa
 1588 hotel in tuscaloosa al
 1580 tuscaloosa party
 1571 tuscaloosa florist
 1559 hotel in tuscaloosa alabama
 1559 tuscaloosa property management
 1508 woods and water tuscaloosa
 1503 alabama hotel tuscaloosa
 1469 alabama in tuscaloosa university
 1397 tuscaloosa alabama site
 1391 benz mercedes tuscaloosa
 1378 tuscaloosa county high
 1373 tuscaloosa zip code
 1370 tire tuscaloosa
 1368 mercury tuscaloosa
 1348 tuscaloosa hyundai
 1347 volvo tuscaloosa
 1345 tuscaloosa movie
 1301 tuscaloosa government
 1298 tuscaloosa county sheriff dept
 1293 jobs in tuscaloosa alabama
 1280 nucor tuscaloosa
 1269 hotel in tuscaloosa
 1262 day spa tuscaloosa
 1255 hummer tuscaloosa
 1255 travel tuscaloosa
 1247 design office tuscaloosa
 1247 towing tuscaloosa
 1244 tuscaloosa al newspaper
 1210 apartment in tuscaloosa alabama
 1204 dodge tuscaloosa
 1204 gmc tuscaloosa
 1203 tuscaloosa lincoln
 1202 county department sheriff tuscaloosa
 1173 university mall tuscaloosa
 1168 alabama estate real tuscaloosa
 1166 jeep tuscaloosa
 1165 home builder tuscaloosa
 1158 kia of tuscaloosa
 1157 business party tuscaloosa
 1151 audi tuscaloosa
 1145 al apartment tuscaloosa
 1141 cadillac tuscaloosa
 1140 tuscaloosa city school system
 1139 tuscaloosa volkswagen
 1137 alabama newspaper tuscaloosa
 1122 the tuscaloosa news paper
 1108 tuscaloosa entertainment
 1099 car part tuscaloosa
 1082 rhythm and brew tuscaloosa
 1080 car wash tuscaloosa
 1079 tuscaloosa showcase of home
 1073 county courthouse tuscaloosa
 1062 appraisal home tuscaloosa
 1057 al apartment rent tuscaloosa
 1048 alabama hotel in tuscaloosa
 1047 tuscaloosa police
 1037 al newspaper tuscaloosa
 1021 jaguar tuscaloosa
 1003 tanning salon tuscaloosa
 995 tuscaloosa city board of education
 974 tuscaloosa family practice
 964 doctor tuscaloosa
 959 county inmate jail tuscaloosa
 956 design site tuscaloosa web
 951 department police tuscaloosa
 917 rental home tuscaloosa
 892 county inmate jail search tuscaloosa
 869 county school system tuscaloosa
 843 credit teacher tuscaloosa union
 842 tuscaloosa contractor
 838 chinese restaurant tuscaloosa
 825 gas station tuscaloosa
 811 mazda tuscaloosa
 802 apartment in tuscaloosa al
 800 sheriff tuscaloosa
 779 tuscaloosa grocer
 765 bed breakfast tuscaloosa
 763 tuscaloosa realty
 747 al apartment search tuscaloosa
 721 photographer tuscaloosa
 719 tuscaloosa va credit union
 715 tuscaloosa county jail search
 713 theater tuscaloosa
 713 tuscaloosa alabama zip code
 710 board county education tuscaloosa
 703 tuscaloosa bed breakfast
 699 tuscaloosa university
 697 lincoln tuscaloosa
 694 tuscaloosa dentist
 666 hyundai tuscaloosa
 655 golf course tuscaloosa
 654 al design office tuscaloosa
 651 times tuscaloosa
 650 code tuscaloosa zip
 644 tuscaloosa middle school
 635 tuscaloosa al zip code
 624 lighting tuscaloosa
 620 al hotel in tuscaloosa
 606 infiniti tuscaloosa
 606 tuscaloosa escort
 601 tuscaloosa county al
 601 alabama county tuscaloosa
 593 tuscaloosa health
 588 map tuscaloosa
 585 alabama estate in real tuscaloosa
 573 department sheriff tuscaloosa
 572 chrysler tuscaloosa
 567 school tuscaloosa
 563 uss tuscaloosa
 558 tuscaloosa jail
 554 tuscaloosa sheriff office
 553 mobile home tuscaloosa
 539 tuscaloosa alabama flower
 532 tuscaloosa home
 530 tuscaloosa ala
 521 academy tuscaloosa
 489 alabama news tuscaloosa
 468 tuscaloosa alabama apartment
 467 tuscaloosa county real estate
 462 tuscaloosa buick
 453 tuscaloosa mls
 449 movie theater tuscaloosa
 443 tuscaloosa automotive
 443 church tuscaloosa
 441 tuscaloosa tour
 430 oldsmobile tuscaloosa
 425 chamber commerce tuscaloosa
 424 florist tuscaloosa
 422 tuscaloosa personals
 419 tuscaloosa vacation
 417 library tuscaloosa
 409 flight tuscaloosa
 409 kia tuscaloosa
 405 county high tuscaloosa
 399 mall tuscaloosa university
 393 hospital tuscaloosa
 389 most tuscaloosa wanted
 388 mini tuscaloosa
 388 tuscaloosa yellow pages
 385 salon tuscaloosa
 384 35405 al tuscaloosa
 382 tuscaloosa title company
 381 tuscaloosa alabama news
 380 alabama high school space tuscaloosa
 378 clinic tuscaloosa
 376 tuscaloosa school college university
 373 locksmith tuscaloosa
 369 35406 al contact tuscaloosa
 367 general practice tuscaloosa
 364 tuscaloosa al site
 352 tuscaloosa food
 351 tuscaloosa county high school football
 348 tuscaloosa classifieds
 345 college school tuscaloosa university
 345 tuscaloosa al apartment
 344 tornado tuscaloosa
 344 tuscaloosa volvo
 339 tuscaloosa para
 333 university orthopedic clinic tuscaloosa alabama
 333 alabama in job tuscaloosa
 332 tuscaloosa department store
 331 tuscaloosa housing authority
 329 cypress inn tuscaloosa
 323 tuscaloosa community
 321 entertainment tuscaloosa
 319 college tuscaloosa
 318 ala tuscaloosa
 303 brew rhythm tuscaloosa
 302 al alabama tuscaloosa university
 302 university mall tuscaloosa al
 295 al news tuscaloosa
 294 tuscaloosa metro jail
 293 home showcase tuscaloosa
 292 al home sale tuscaloosa
 280 in job tuscaloosa
 276 tuscaloosa al news
 273 police tuscaloosa
 270 university of alabama tuscaloosa al
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 269 news sports tuscaloosa
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 265 tuscaloosa mortgage
 262 map of tuscaloosa alabama
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 261 computer tuscaloosa
 259 tuscaloosa employment
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 255 news paper tuscaloosa
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 250 35404 al contact tuscaloosa
 249 tuscaloosa rental properties
 248 tuscaloosa apartment guide
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 243 jobs tuscaloosa alabama
 240 tuscaloosa times
 239 alabama map tuscaloosa
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 238 al builder home tuscaloosa
 237 county dept sheriff tuscaloosa
 226 tuscaloosa humane society
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 212 woods water tuscaloosa al
 206 tuscaloosa rental house
 206 35407 al tuscaloosa
 206 tuscaloosa news sports
 204 tuscaloosa alabama court
 203 35403 al tuscaloosa
 200 org tuscaloosa
 199 35406 al tuscaloosa
 198 tuscaloosa al 35487
 198 35401 al tuscaloosa
 197 35486 al tuscaloosa
 193 mcabee and tuscaloosa
 193 tuscaloosa magazine
 193 finance tuscaloosa
 192 university mall tuscaloosa alabama
 192 tuscaloosa single
 191 hampton inn tuscaloosa
 190 tuscaloosa shopping
 188 amusement park tuscaloosa
 187 pediatric tuscaloosa
 185 alabama email tuscaloosa
 183 tuscaloosa baptist
 182 tuscaloosa club
 180 tuscaloosa metro animal shelter
 178 classifieds tuscaloosa
 178 child theater tuscaloosa
 178 housewares tuscaloosa
 177 saturn tuscaloosa
 174 the tuscaloosa news and obituary
 171 veterinarian tuscaloosa
 171 tuscaloosa child theater
 170 in property tuscaloosa
 166 tuscaloosa painting
 165 real estate in tuscaloosa
 164 escort tuscaloosa
 164 tuscaloosa episcopal church
 162 tuscaloosa history
 162 site tuscaloosa
 160 tuscaloosa bar pub
 158 hosmer in tuscaloosa
 157 tuscaloosa county jail booking
 156 35407 al contact tuscaloosa
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 156 mortgage tuscaloosa
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 154 buick tuscaloosa
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 151 hair salon tuscaloosa
 149 office sheriff tuscaloosa
 149 house for rent in tuscaloosa
 149 al archive tuscaloosa
 148 speculator tuscaloosa
 147 radio tuscaloosa
 144 fitness tuscaloosa
 144 al apartment in tuscaloosa
 143 tuscaloosa mortgage loan
 142 tuscaloosa alabama condo
 142 alabama clinic orthopedic tuscaloosa university
 142 .com news tuscaloosa
 142 tuscaloosa alabama bed and breakfast
 140 real estate agent in tuscaloosa alabama
 139 alabama employment tuscaloosa
 137 hillcrest high school tuscaloosa
 137 tuscaloosa va federal credit union
 135 jail tuscaloosa
 134 alabama city tuscaloosa
 134 al in photo sports tuscaloosa
 133 dentist tuscaloosa
 133 isuzu tuscaloosa
 133 35403 al contact tuscaloosa
 133 tuscaloosa elementary schools
 132 tuscaloosa county booking
 132 35402 al contact tuscaloosa
 131 board city education tuscaloosa
 131 tuscaloosa al 35404
 130 lake tuscaloosa home
 130 alabama directory phone tuscaloosa
 130 al in job tuscaloosa
 128 alabama aluminum box dog tuscaloosa
 128 training tuscaloosa
 126 control employment in johnson tuscaloosa
 125 home sweet tuscaloosa
 125 airport tuscaloosa
 125 page tuscaloosa yellow
 124 tuscaloosa building home construction
 124 tuscaloosa al jobs
 123 radio station tuscaloosa
 123 tuscaloosa alabama weather
 122 home rental tuscaloosa
 122 legend tuscaloosa
 122 agency estate home real tuscaloosa
 120 movie tuscaloosa
 120 tuscaloosa county record room
 119 club tuscaloosa volleyball
 119 high school tuscaloosa
 118 middle school tuscaloosa
 118 auto tuscaloosa
 116 tuscaloosa county credit union
 114 county tuscaloosa
 114 county jail search tuscaloosa
 114 alabama code tuscaloosa zip
 113 motel tuscaloosa
 113 al job tuscaloosa
 112 bar pub tuscaloosa
 111 tuscaloosa county circuit court
 111 tuscaloosa dealer
 110 inside tuscaloosa
 110 realty tuscaloosa
 108 health insurance tuscaloosa
 107 tuscaloosa apartment finder
 104 tuscaloosa credit union
 102 jobs in tuscaloosa al
 102 beauty supply tuscaloosa
 102 city of tuscaloosa alabama
 101 tuscaloosa new
 96 tuscaloosa radio station
 92 tuscaloosa middle school map
 92 mercedes tuscaloosa
 88 tuscaloosa home for sale
 87 home for sale tuscaloosa al
 87 preschool tuscaloosa
 87 tuscaloosa condo
 86 tuscaloosa auto
 84 building historic tuscaloosa
 84 netit tuscaloosa
 83 druid city hospital tuscaloosa al
 81 al book guest tuscaloosa
 79 team tuscaloosa
 76 35485 al tuscaloosa
 65 car law tuscaloosa used
 64 search tuscaloosa news
 57 law lemon tuscaloosa
 53 bryant denny stadium tuscaloosa
 52 alabama midtown tuscaloosa village
 46 operation tuscaloosa
 46 wvua tuscaloosa
 44 midtown tuscaloosa village
 43 auto law lemon tuscaloosa
 42 al alabama book guest tuscaloosa
 36 buffalo phils tuscaloosa
 34 isu tuscaloosa
 33 tuscaloosa news .com
 32 por tuscaloosa
 31 remax tuscaloosa
 30 chuck fish tuscaloosa
 28 druid city hospital in tuscaloosa alabama
 27 news northport obituary tuscaloosa
 27 tuscaloosa tornado
 27 hollywood 16 tuscaloosa
 26 tuscaloosa alabama home for rent


Tuscaloosa Related Links
How many incoming links do you have? If your answer is zero or some number close to that, (as my Drill Seargents would have said) YOU ARE WRONG! This is not 1988 and no sites come up on the first page of the SERPS on content alone. Incoming links are especially important to Google. That means that incoming links are important to you because Google handles about half of all searches. The other engines seem to care about incoming links but just not quite as much as Google. One of the more popular methods for getting incoming links is to syndicate a blog. There are a multitude of other honest ways to get incoming links.


Use High Quality Copy
Now we start writing. Or re-writing. You may have the greatest product in the world but if it isn't described well, nobody will be interested in what you have to offer. The most effective copy in internet marketing gets to the point quickly. The people who use the internet don't have time to wait for the next idea to form. That's why they were impatient and looked on the internet to find a quick solution. These people record 60 Minutes so that they can forward through the commercials and watch it in 45 minutes. They use the most common keyword phrases and expect them in your copy.

5) Put your Keyword Phrases in Copy

Put Keyword Phrases in your Copy
We know what keywords you want to target. Let's put them on the site. If your keywords are not on your site, the search engines won't know to list you when someone searches for those terms. Certain actions like putting your keywords in headings or early in content will get you "brownie points" with the search engines. We take full advantage of these techniques and others to make sure that your search engine optimization dollars are not wasted.


Use Analytical Tools
There are a multitude of tools that we use to verify that we are actually changing the metrics of your site for the positive that matter to the search engines. Keyword density, incoming links, and load time are just a few of the metrics we'll be measuring on your new site to be sure that we've done everything we can do to get you that high ranking tuscaloosa website.


Submit to the Search Engines
Submitting your site to the search engines is a mandatory task. We could build you the best website in the world but if nobody can find the site, it's like a billboard in the desert. We'll take the time to submit your site to the major search engines manually. Our professional service is designed for a complete submission of your website across the web. Before we submit your site, we will review your pages and make sure that they are search engine friendly, meaning we will verify that your page uses proper META Tags, title, description, keywords, and links for best search engine placement.
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